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Chase2Earn  A Revolutionary Blockchain Racing Game

Singapore, Singapore Mar 8, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Chase2Earn is an innovative blockchain game that allows players to purchase, upgrade and race with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) cars. The game stands out from the crowd by offering unique features such as the Fuel System, Level Up system, and Repair Cost options – all of which are designed to give gamers a realistic gaming experience. If you are looking for a blockchain Racing game that will dominate the gaming scene, then Chase2Earn is the game for you!

What Is The Fuel System?

The Fuel System puts a limit on how many times you can race your NFT car in a day – no matter how many cars you have in your wallet, you will only be able to use 21 fuels per day. This only applies to multiplayer mode, so you can still practice with the other game modes that will be mentioned later.

Level Up Throughout The Game!

Chase2Earn is a platform that incorporates the Level-Up system on all NFT cars. Every car boasts twenty levels, and Throttle tokens can be employed to upgrade their levels. Anytime a player upgrades the level of their car NFT, they will receive some Level-Up points which can then be used to upgrade bolts on the NFT car.

What Is The Repair Cost?

As players race with their NFT cars, they will accumulate damage. When the maximum damage is reached, a repair cost will be incurred to continue playing. This cost varies depending on the level and type of car, but it can be lowered by upgrading the Tire Bolt of a car.

Multiple Game Modes

  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Training Camp
  • Private Room
  • Tournament

With four different game modes to play, Chase2Earn offers an immersive gaming experience. This level of optionality is a cool feature because it enables players to compete against each other, hone their skills in a training camp, race with friends and family in a private room or join competitive tournaments. Players are not limited to just one game mode but can play in multiple game modes at their own discretion.

What About The Marketplace?

Chase2Earn also offers a decentralized NFT marketplace, where gamers can go to buy and trade their car NFTs. This is a one-stop shop for all the players who want to upgrade their cars and post them for sale at their desired prices. The buyers can make direct purchases from the marketplace, giving them access to upgraded cars from other players.

Multiple Car Categories

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Chase2Earn boasts five unique car categories, each of which includes four NFT cars that can be upgraded through Level-Up points. While one category of cars will be given away for free, the other categories are available through the marketplace – allowing players to customize their experience even further! All cars come with a dynamic feature.

Revolutionizing Gaming with Chase2Earn’s Dual-Token System: Introducing CHASE and THROTTLE

The first cryptocurrency, which is dubbed “Chase Token (CHASE),” is the Chase2Earn gaming ecosystem’s utility token, powering its activities and decentralised products. On the other hand, Throttle Token (TTL) will serve as an in-game currency for the game.

As a Play2Earn NFT game, Throttle Token (TTL) allows players to gain access to exclusive rewards and tournaments within the game as well as unlock the game’s unique features. It also lets players level up and repair their car NFTs and buy other in-game digital assets.

The TTL token, which is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network, is an excellent cryptocurrency to compete for, thanks to the numerous use cases it provides within the game.

Game Changing NFT Blockchain Game Coming Soon!

Chase2Earn is an innovative blockchain game that seeks to offer gamers a realistic gaming experience with its unique features. With an incredible Fuel System, fun Level Up system, and realistic Repair Cost options, Chase2Earn (C2E) stands out from the competition.

Players can purchase, upgrade and race NFT cars in four different game modes, as well as access the decentralized NFT marketplace. Visit the whitepaper for a complete breakdown of the game’s features and stay tuned for its launch!

Chase2Earn  Multiple Gaming ModesChase2Earn  NFT Cars

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