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A “smooth” PB&J sandwich broke the web’s cerebrum and furthermore perhaps mine

“Mods are asleep post smooth food,” started a tweet posted two weeks back that demonstrated two perceptibly smooth triangles with layers of white, purple, and dark colored — combined with “food” in the tweet, it recommended a nutty spread and jam sandwich that had been sanded down to an engaging levelness, or a square of clay shaped into something their mind needs people to place into your mouth.

The smooth PB&J commenced a viral string with others posting photographs of various nourishments the same in their featureless surface, an equivalent blend of peculiar and charming:

treats bested with smooth and gleaming mirror coats; flapjacks so round and poreless they look like CGI; jams and puddings splendidly formed looking like their vessels; nourishments uncannily made to look like different nourishments; unrealistic, plastic-looking articles; a definitive taboo nourishments, as excellent as they are perilously unpalatable.

What is it about smooth nourishment — not a conspicuous style of cooking or type of eating, using any and all means — that enamored such a large number of individuals? Considerably more to the point, what is smooth nourishment?

Smooth nourishment isn’t only a gastronomic inclination, it’s a stylish way of life.

Smooth nourishment is nourishment without nibble to it. Supernaturally leveled pureed potatoes, soups, smoothies (duh), yogurt, fruit purée, delicate fried eggs, Jell-O, curds — simply let it break up on their tongue and descend their neck, as frictionless as pureed vegetables and natural products for toothless babies.

Smooth nourishment is infant nourishment, and the plastic phony food sources people played with as kids, claiming to serve our folks entire tomatoes and uncooked ribeyes. Smooth nourishment is an arrival to adolescence; all people need is to be child.

Smooth nourishment is a cure to the ultra-high-lucidity, honed to-the-maximum, fake HDR look that overwhelms well known. That tasteful is battered, submerged in oil, and seared firm, a tangible over-burden; smooth nourishment is a tactile suppressant, an alleviating Ambien for their eyes. It’s a help from the uneasiness of trypophobia; there are no openings here.

Smooth nourishment is the unexpected non-amusing memetic want to devastate the wrinkles of Yoda and Bernie Sanders, and to buff out the folds in their own cerebrum until all that remaining parts is a lustrous sphere. It is the ASMR-esque impression of watching bars of glossy cleanser being trimmed down to nothing.

Smooth nourishment is for when people need to close their eyes and rest their head, faculties off, put something aside for the uplifted sentiment of running their fingertips over the silken surface of a plane that never closes; it proceeds, continuous, every which way.

Envision, quickly, if all clamor on Twitter stopped to exist, leaving only an endless look of favored quietness. Such is smooth.

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