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Suffolk County federal criminal defense attorney Jason Bassett (https://jbassettlaw.com/federal-criminal-cases-vs-state-criminal-cases/) has published an informative article shedding light on the crucial disparities between facing charges for federal crimes versus state crimes. With his extensive experience in federal court, Attorney Jason Bassett provides valuable insights into severe penalties, distinct legal procedures, and the importance of having an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.

In the article titled “What Is The Difference Between Being Charged With A Federal Crime As Opposed To A State Crime?” the Suffolk County federal criminal defense attorney emphasizes the gravity of federal crimes and the necessity of skilled legal representation when navigating the intricate federal court system. By drawing attention to the contrasting repercussions and legal processes, he offers readers a comprehensive understanding of the disparities between federal and state charges.

The Suffolk County federal criminal defense attorney clarifies the fundamental distinctions between federal and state prisons, highlighting that federal prisons house individuals convicted of federal offenses, such as activities that transcend state lines and white-collar crimes like money laundering and fraud.

Conversely, state prisons confine those convicted of state law violations, such as murder, rape, and firearms-related offenses. The attorney emphasizes the significance of comprehending these differences to grasp the respective roles and functions of federal and state prisons within the criminal justice system.

Addressing the post-arrest phase in federal cases, Attorney Jason Bassett sheds light on the distinct procedures that follow an arrest in federal court. He explains that, unlike state arrests, federal arrests often involve securing an arrest warrant beforehand, followed by bringing the defendant before a magistrate judge without unnecessary delay. Throughout this process, the defendant’s interaction with a pretrial services officer, the preparation of a report, and the setting of bail conditions play crucial roles in shaping the subsequent legal proceedings.

Offering practical advice to individuals facing federal charges, Attorney Jason Bassett advises against attempting to work with federal authorities without legal counsel present. He stresses the importance of having an attorney involved throughout the process, as cooperation with authorities can be advantageous under specific circumstances. The attorney reminds readers that any cooperation provided to the government may be taken into consideration during sentencing if a guilty plea is eventually entered.

Another critical aspect discussed in the article is the intricate workings of federal sentencing guidelines. Attorney Jason Bassett highlights the complexity of these guidelines and the need for an experienced federal criminal practitioner who can navigate them effectively. While a federal judge is not strictly bound by the guidelines, they are taken into account during sentencing. Moreover, the article addresses the availability of probation in federal court, noting that it is less common compared to state court but may be an option for certain offenses.

Attorney Jason Bassett concludes the article by emphasizing the importance of engaging an attorney who specializes in federal criminal cases. He cautions against assuming that the practice of criminal law at the state and federal levels is the same. The attorney emphasizes that federal law enforcement agencies are better trained, better funded, and have often been observing individuals and building their cases for extended periods before bringing charges. Given the complexity of federal legal procedures and the severe sentences involved, Attorney Jason Bassett stresses the necessity of an attorney with experience in federal court to effectively advocate for clients.

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Law Offices of Jason Bassett, P.C. is a highly skilled federal criminal defense attorney serving clients in Suffolk County and throughout New York. With a focus on federal criminal cases, Attorney Jason Bassett brings extensive experience and a deep understanding of the federal court system. He is dedicated to providing aggressive and effective legal representation to individuals.

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