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Integrative healthcare is the future of medicine and the team at Thrive! Wellness Center is happy to be at the forefront of this movement. Located in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL, Thrive! Wellness Center is an integrative healthcare clinic offering a wide range of holistic health services to its patients.

Thrive! Wellness Center is committed to treating each patient as a whole, rather than just their symptoms. With treatments ranging from functional medicine, regenerative medicine, chiropractic care, and physiotherapy, they have something for everyone. Led by Doctor Kelley Mulhern, their team provides patients with personalized care plans that include nutrition recommendations for diet changes or supplements along with adjustments, exercise programs, and physiotherapy that will help the body heal naturally over time.

What Services Does Thrive! Wellness Center Offer?

Thrive! Wellness Center is an integrative healthcare clinic. Integrative healthcare combines conventional medicine with more holistic practices to treat chronic diseases and complex illnesses. The goal of integrative healthcare is to not only treat the symptoms of a disease but to also address the root cause of the problem. This type of healthcare looks at the whole person, rather than just their symptoms.

Thrive! Wellness Center offers a wide range of services, including functional medicine, regenerative medicine, chiropractic care, and physiotherapy. Each of these services is to help their patients not only feel better, but also look better, help their body function properly, and prevent future disease.

Who Does Thrive! Wellness Center Treat?

Integrative Health clinics like Thrive! Wellness Center focuses on improving its patient’s quality of life and health as a whole. They treat chronic conditions; that can include diabetes, age-related diseases, headaches, erectile dysfunction, peripheral neuropathy, allergies and food intolerances, and more. They also treat conditions that affect a person’s body movement. For example, arthritis, chronic joint, back, knee, shoulder, and neck pain.

Patient Success Stories at Thrive! Wellness Center

The patients at Thrive! Wellness have been able to regain their lives. Their treatment plans are specifically designed for each patient and their needs. Some of their patients’ success stories include:

From Headaches to Hiking

A mother of two children came to Thrive! Wellness Center experiencing strange episodes of headaches. The headaches would cause her vision to blur, she would get vertigo, and experience nausea. The patient had been to numerous doctors, neurologists, and was even referred to a psychiatrist, but the headaches persisted. This interfered with her ability to go hiking with her kids or even drive a car due to fear of having an episode.

When she went to Thrive! Wellness Center, they took X-Rays, and she assumed it would be like every other X-Ray she took. However, Dr. Kelley looks at X-Rays differently from traditional medicine doctors. She was able to link her headaches with a misalignment in the neck caused by a traumatic head injury from years ago that wasn’t properly treated. After 6 months, she was able to go hiking and take her kids camping. After two years of treatment, she had a job where she drove a company vehicle and was no longer experiencing episodes.

Surgery Cancelled

Another patient, a 75-year-old woman, was experiencing cubital tunnel syndrome – which is similar to carpal tunnel, except it is in the elbow. It was severely affecting her grip strength; she could not open jars and prepare meals for herself or hold the leash to walk her dog. She was scheduled for surgery on her elbow. When she went to Thrive! Wellness Center and there they made specific adjustments to her elbow and shoulder. She regained full mobility and was able to cancel her elbow surgery.

Back on The Ladder

A 45-year-old welder came to Thrive! Wellness Center with sciatica and loss of the reflexes in his leg. He wasn’t able to stand on his toes or heels without losing balance. This is dangerous for a welder because they need to be able to go up and down a ladder multiple times while they work. If he couldn’t stand on his feet, he would lose his job. Dr. Kelley Mulhern was able to pinpoint that this was a result of five levels of migrating extruding discs.

After a series of treatments, the patient regained his reflexes and the pain was gone. He was able to get back up and down the ladder with ease and without pain.

Don’t Settle for Mediocre Health

Thrive! Wellness Center is determined for their patients to experience the highest quality care, most effective treatments, and feel their best. Just because something is common, doesn’t mean it is the best treatment for their patients.

Their patient-centered care is designed to help their patients Thrive! This integrative health clinic is results-driven and the team stays at the forefront of health, researching innovative therapies and treatment options.

Prevention is Key

Not only does Thrive! Wellness Center treat the pain or disease of their patients, but they are also focused on preventing any future health concerns. This is not common in traditional medicine, because there is money to be lost on prevention. However, at Thrive! Wellness Center, their team is focused on their patients having the best quality of life, not making the biggest profit. They set up treatment plans that treat their patient’s current conditions, and promote a healthy future. Prevention is the most effective option when working with chronic conditions.

Visit Thrive! Wellness Center Today

The team at Thrive! Wellness Center is available to answer any additional questions. For residents of Florida looking for an alternative to traditional medicine, or if they are experiencing symptoms that continue to return no matter the medicine they take, Thrive! Wellness Center is here. Talk to the experts on their team.

For more information on Thrive! Wellness Center call (727) 381-3456 or visit here.

For more information on Functional Wellness, check out Dr. Kelley Mulhern’s Podcast here.

Thrive! Wellness Center
Thrive! Wellness Center

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