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AEC global catering ecological alliance is a derivative platform of Pan community global catering ecology based on blockchain
This ecology, based on the brand-new Chinese catering concept, is considered to be highly compatible with the blockchain industry. In the post epidemic era, the catering concept and blockchain of the general public are full of development prospects. Especially after the blockchain has become China’s national strategy, the long-term policy interests will be related to the blockchain. The industry has attracted more attention, and talent, capital and traditional industry resources continue to pour in.
AEC pan community global catering ecology is facing global users and enterprises. With the gradual clarification of overseas process, the number of Pan community members is gradually increasing, and AEC’s global influence is also rising.

Recently, AEC has been displayed on the NASDAQ big screen of times square in New York City, showing its business value and brand vision in the world’s most popular commercial core sites. The information broadcast on the big screen of NASDAQ often attracts the attention of media giants such as BBC, Reuters and Xinhua. This will enable more people to understand the global business vision of AEC and the innovative concept of Pan community business alliance, and attract more overseas blockchain followers to join AEC community ecological construction.
In the future, AEC will steadily expand the domestic market, strengthen the practice of the global catering ecological Alliance Plan, export brand-new Chinese traditional style catering concept, expand the global ecological environment, and gradually improve.

With the development of big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, blockchain and other digital technologies, digital consensus has reached an unprecedented height. Digital transformation has become a “required course” for traditional industries to adapt to a new round of technological revolution and industrial change. How to seize the new traffic dividend and customer acquisition channels under the digital wave and precipitate low-cost private traffic? It has become an urgent problem to be solved in the catering industry.
Grasping the wave of digital technology and hitting the pain point of digital transformation of catering industry, AEC smart alliance chain builds a business model with “behavior generates value” as the core, based on the front-end economic development models such as distributed economy, social economy, Tongzheng economy and smart alliance chain effect, through the frontier information technologies such as blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and 5g communication, Help catering to rise in the digital wave and usher in a new growth based on private domain traffic!
Aiming at the catering “value depression” to stimulate the “evolution” engine of trillion market
Although the epidemic has caused some fluctuations to the catering industry, the huge potential of the catering industry still exists《 China’s catering big data 2020 report points out that the current scale of China’s catering market has exceeded 4.6 trillion, and it is expected to catch up with the United States and become the largest catering market in the world within seven years.
However, behind this huge amount of catering market, most small and medium-sized catering enterprises lack sufficient cost management, flow maintenance and brand operation ability, so their profit space is constantly compressed and bear huge survival pressure. Especially in the wave of digital economy, the market environment is changing rapidly, and small and medium-sized catering enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges.
The global alliance of small and medium-sized catering enterprises, Zhimeng chain, emerges as the times require. Relying on blockchain, Internet of things, big data and other new technologies, Zhimeng chain will focus on the existing pain points in the catering industry, such as information island, high operating cost, information and data leakage, low chain concentration rate, high difficulty in expanding scale, take out platform contradiction, comprehensively improve the operation and profitability of small and medium-sized catering enterprises in the digital era, and promote the outbreak of digital ecology in the catering industry.
Build a new “catering ecosystem” and open up the “channel” of rapid growth of digital wealth
AEC is located in the digital node business ecology of the catering and beverage industry. It is committed to building a business system with AEC as the carrier of ecological value by using the application scenarios of data management, decentralized catering marketing market, chain shopping mall, digital supply chain, etc. according to the personalized needs of customers and merchants.
In the business system of AEC smart alliance chain, each participating node, including users and enterprises, will form a strong network relationship, which is the growth engine of each other. In the business ecology constructed by AEC smart alliance chain, users are not only value nodes, but also investors (AEC holders), who can get dividends by participating; Under the empowerment of AEC smart alliance chain business system, enterprises can not only enhance the stickiness with users, optimize the supply chain and capital chain, further release the ecological value, but also, as ecological participants, truly link to the gold mine in the era of digital economy and reap a steady stream of digital dividends.
One tea milk tea is AEC’s first landing project. Relying on AEC’s ecological empowerment, it continues to dig deep into the digital market, providing marketing and drainage for online shopping malls. Nowadays, there are a large number of offline stores of one tea products, with tens of thousands of customers every day. These customers are potential users of AEC points, and also the important value support of one tea products. The integration of AEC also enables Yicha to have ultra-high user viscosity. In terms of customer acquisition and re purchase, it is far superior to other milk tea brands.
In the future, driven by digitalization, the scale of catering market will be further expanded. AEC smart alliance chain business system is bound to usher in a big explosion, in which each participating node will realize the potential energy superposition of wealth. China’s catering industry will also usher in a new peak of development with the continuous prosperity of the ecology, and promote the rapid growth of China’s economy.
AEC smart alliance chain will be launched soon, please look forward to it!

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