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Lipomatics is a surgical method in the field of body contouring that is performed to reduce excess fat in different areas. Using thin and precise tubes, this procedure draws out fat through delicate incisions, providing a more beautiful and fit person. Lipomatic operation has been introduced as one of the non-invasive methods in body sculpting and has the ability to reduce fat without the need for open surgery.


The latest lipomatic methods: comparison and features

1. Ultrasonic Liposuction:

Advantages: Minimal bleeding and swelling after surgery, can target more fibrous areas, potentially more precise contouring.

2. Laser Lipomatics (Laser Liposuction):

Advantages: Can tighten the skin by stimulating collagen, is less invasive, and may result in quicker recovery.

3. Traditional Liposuction:

Advantages: Effective for larger amounts of fat removal, well-established technique with a long history of use.

Abdominal and side lipomatics:

Abdominal and flank lipo is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to remove excess fat in the abdomen and flanks. This method uses liposuction technology to remove unnecessary fat from these areas. It will help one to get a more appropriate shape and a better body fit. In this method, thin tubes are inserted into the skin through small incisions and then moving towards the target area, they absorb and move the fats.

Quoted from clevelandclinic.org:

“Smoking can increase the risk of complications and delay healing. If you smoke, you will have to stop for a certain period as determined by your doctor. It is not enough to just cut down on smoking.”

Advantages :

Benefits of back and waist lipomatics include reducing excess fat in the back and waist areas, which may not be controlled by exercise and diet, improving body balance, restoring body shape in the back and waist areas, and increasing self-confidence and improving one’s body image.

The lipomatic method is a much newer application than Laser Liposuction. While the recovery period is long in Laser Liposuction, it is much shorter in Lipomatic.

Treatment of obesity and introduction of the best gastric slimming surgeons

To treat obesity, the best slimming procedure is to reduce the volume of the stomach. Stomach operation is usually possible using methods such as gastric sleeve operation, bypass, balloon, and other methods. For people who are facing severe obesity, this method is the best option. Using body contouring methods such as liposuction and liposuction may not work in some cases, and it is better to reduce the volume of the stomach and then perform liposuction before performing these procedures. In the following, they will introduce the best bariatric surgeons, such as Mr. Dr. Panghadi and Mrs. Dr. Khalaj, in this field and provide complete details and explanations to provide one with the best solutions and information.

Carving or body make-up means the combination of several cosmetic surgery procedures that are performed simultaneously or in combination. Some of the procedures that may be used in body contouring include lipo, breast lift, facial wrinkle removal, rhinoplasty, etc. The purpose of sculpture is to improve a group of different parts of the body at the same time to create a fit and beautiful body shape.


In 2024, the cost of liposuction surgery in Iran was different depending on variables such as the surgeon’s expertise, the facilities and condition of the hospital or clinic, the geographical area, and the volume of the treated areas. Approximately, the costs of this surgery ranged from 35 to 80 million tomans. Of course, one should pay attention to points such as post-operative care costs, contingencies, and pre-surgery counseling sessions.

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