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BBAY exchange is the world’s leading digital currency derivatives exchange. It supports a variety of digital currency contract transactions, and is committed to discovering high-quality innovative digital asset investment opportunities. By building a first-class platform and integrating high-quality assets, BBAY exchange provides safe and efficient trading services for the global digital asset enthusiasts. BBAY exchange adopts advanced distributed cluster architecture and micro service development mode, which has strong scalability and can support smooth and stable trading of 100 million level simultaneous online users.

At the same time, BBAY provides a simple and efficient way to develop safe and procedural trading strategies with advanced API. It has a professional and reliable financial technology team, and has the ingenuity to build a high-performance exchange engine.

Since the beginning of its establishment, BBAY trading platform has begun to carry out global layout, especially the layout of global security and compliance trading platform, in order to create a new generation of digital asset trading business map. On the one hand, BBAY, registered in Colorado, adopts global collaborative office, and its R & D and operation teams are distributed in many places around the world. At present, BBAY’s offices have been located in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taichung, Tokyo, Melbourne and other places, and has taken on the leading role of global expansion.

BBAY has more than 70 security and bank level risk control measures with excellent security solutions and industry-leading risk control mechanism. With its original multi chain storage technology and separation of hot and cold wallets, BBAY realizes the storage on the asset chain of users, ensures the security of multiple signatures, avoids the abuse of centralized control of all assets by traditional transaction service platform, and escorts the assets of global users. At the same time, BBAY has a professional and reliable financial technology team to create a high-performance trading engine.

In order to support users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, BBAY exchange independently developed a matchmaking and trading engine, which adopts a distributed architecture, so that each transaction pair can be deployed on different servers for matchmaking. Therefore, it can achieve the ability of linear expansion, and can handle the concurrency of 5 million transactions per second, making a key contribution to the global blockchain business, Reshape the global trust mechanism and business pattern.

In the future, BBAY currency Bay exchange will give full play to its technical advantages and operational strength, provide a fair, open and free employment environment and competition stage for the global blockchain industry by providing a trading platform for the mutual accommodation of blockchain digital assets, promote the rapid development of blockchain technology, link the value of digital assets, and make blockchain technology integrate with the world.

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