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As a blockchain development team that has received much attention in the global blockchain industry, Light has always been determined to surpass Ethereum and become the most influential blockchain public chain development project team in the world.

Light, as the world’s excellent blockchain development team, can be described as a pool of talents. In the blockchain project Light, a group of top technical talents in the blockchain field gathered together, including Soft Nash (General Counsel)

Soft Nash has 20 years of experience in computer technology. As the architect of Tendermint Consensus Mechanisms, Soft Nash has designed and managed various IT solutions, mastered programming techniques in different languages,such as Go, Rust, and c#, and performed new technologies such as big data, blockchain, and edge computing. In-depth study. Especially in the field of blockchain, I have a lot of experience in the development of the two leading cross-chain ecosystems, Polkadot and Cosmos. I am one of the early R&D team members of Aave Protocol, and I also have a wealth of practical experience in science and technology.

Blockchain project Light team Soft Nash-messy hair, reflecting the wisdom of the brain

Jose Strategy Director

Ph.D. in economics, formerly a strategic analyst for the block company of a famous international consulting company Leading consulting projects on multi-project marketing and fundraising strategies

David zou CEO

Investor in the blockchain field, director of risk strategy, rich experience in investment, mergers and acquisitions and debt financing.

Rich experience in software development and management for large enterprises

Roy Chief Product Officer

Master of Finance, with many years of experience in financial derivatives and product marketing operations.

Chief Technology Officer, Windy

Master of Computer, blockchain expert, big data cloud computing expert is also a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). His research interests include computer networks, computer systems and blockchain. Served as a core developer of a top high-frequency trading company on Wall Street, and designed and optimized the system architecture of large-scale high-frequency trading. He is an excellent system development engineer, and has won the ACM-ICPC programming competition regional championship. The initial intention of the blockchain public chain project Light was to make the blockchain a truly useful platform for users all over the world Both can safely and reliably exchange valuable information on the Light blockchain.

Among them, the name of the blockchain public chain project Light means converging light. It describes that many rays of light are gathered together in the form of sunlight. At the same time, it is

also the implication of Light’s ledger tree structure. It also indicates that the Light team hopes that Light can become a gathering world. A secure platform for valuable data.

This gathering will jointly create Blog decentralized liquid mining, and promise that the team will spare no effort to establish a new blockchain project Blog, attracting more blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world to participate, and at the same time It will create rich returns for the foundation and early evangelists. The team will spare no effort to increase investment in technology updates and research and development, and provide the most powerful technical support for the development and progress of the blog, and make a good contribution to the later ecological development. The beginning of the blog official telegram group address:

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