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With the Dragon, HappieWatch has created a work of art to be worn on your wrist. The watch features a full-colored dragon and a dazzling sapphire glass that enhance the hardness and quality.

It also features a hand-polished multi-layered dial with a colorful dragon design and hand-cut strap. The watch also offers all the practicality we have come to expect from timepieces.

It comes with vegan leather straps and a sleek style that blends classic and modern elements, making a statement in individuality. HappieWatch says it has created limited editions of this one-of-a-kind piece for those who don’t want to be subjected to boring fashion labels or neutered styles.

“Our new Dragon watch is just as exquisite and beautiful as the spirit animal it shares a namesake with,” said HappieWatch in a statement.

The Dragon watch wraps sophistication to fiery power. The Dragon’s red-hot wings set this accessory alight with artistry, and it is equipped with Swiss-level craftsmanship. This timepiece will dictate the pace of your day and make a statement while doing so,” it added.

This unique timepiece is a mix of classic aesthetics and fashionable details. The Dragon is a symbol of strength, power, and wisdom in eastern mythology. This timepiece represents the eastern culture where the dragon is revered as one of four spirit animals of Heaven. It’s the god of the east depicting its seven stars.

With its sapphire crystal glass, chronograph face, stainless steel bracelet set to be unveiled soon, and more than two years of battery life, you can wear it day or night without worrying about winding it.

The Dragon watch is hand-polished, creating a flawless finish. It has a sapphire crystal glass face and an adjustable band for different wrists.

Sometimes, breaking the routine can liberate one’s personality. Stylish in appearance, high in quality—this watch includes an iconic logo engraved at the back. Its strap is interchangeable, meaning that you can choose a strap from HappieWatch’s colorful collection of NATO Nylon straps originating from the military.

Many of the most potent treasures that ancient Eastern cultures held in high regard have been manifestations of a force as old as time itself. Dragons embody this power, and now you can wear a version of that on your wrist, too.

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