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Revolutionizing the daily oral care routine, The Frigo Mint Company introduces the Frigo Mint a cutting-edge solution designed to transcend conventional dental care and safeguard your smile in the war against cavities.

Frigo Mint is redefining oral care for the modern consumer, offering convenient on-the-go freshness and protection tailored to today's active lifestyles. Compact and pocket-sized, these mints provide a portable oral care solution that ensures freshness and dental protection anytime, anywhere. The mints are meticulously blister-packed, guaranteeing the delivery of the freshest and most effective product with every use.

Frigo Mints unique formulation fortifies tooth enamel and actively neutralizes acids in the mouth, a groundbreaking combination that addresses the root causes of cavities by providing a comprehensive defense against tooth decay.

According to a 2017 study by the International & American Associations for Dental Research, tooth decay ranks as the second most prevalent global disease, impacting 2.5 billion people annually. With 91% of Americans snacking daily and 90% of adults contending with cavities, the need for a proactive solution has never been more critical.

The creation of the Frigo Mint involved collaboration with a panel of food scientists from diverse corners of the country. This multidisciplinary approach ensures a product that tastes great and addresses the science behind cavity prevention, setting it apart in the market.

Seven years of meticulous development underscore the commitment to perfection that defines Frigo Mint. This extended period of refinement guarantees a product that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, establishing it as a reliable and trusted choice for consumers.

The sheer scale of the global cavity crisis affecting 2.5 billion people annually is truly concerning. The data speaks for itself, revealing the urgent need for innovative solutions, says founder and CEO Chris Frigo. The Frigo Mint was born out of this necessity, aiming to be a positive influence in the escalating battle against tooth decay. We are not just offering a mint; we are presenting a groundbreaking solution to combat cavities.

Frigo Mint revolutionizes cavity defense for busy lifestyles. Tailored for everyday use, it provides a convenient solution for people on the go. From airports and long flights to military deployments and theme park visits, Frigo Mint ensures effective oral care in challenging environments. It's the perfect companion for individuals facing stained teeth during work hours, offering a quick and efficient refresh without the need for a break. At just $4.50 per pack, Frigo Mint brings dental care to the forefront, making it accessible and effortless for everyone, everywhere.

More than just a product, Frigo Mint was created by Chris Frigo, son of board-certified orthodontist Dr. Christopher Frigo. Dr. Frigo brings extensive experience and dedication to creating beautiful smiles, infusing a professional touch into developing this groundbreaking oral care solution.

The Frigo Mint Company intersects innovation and oral health, creating a revolutionary solution for your daily well-being. Founded by Chris Frigo, son of a board-certified orthodontist, Frigo Mint is your go-to choice for maintaining a cavity-free, healthy smile while on the go. Backed by extensive research and development, the Frigo Mint incorporates cutting-edge technology and the wisdom of over 35 international food scientists, providing a convenient and effective way to combat cavities wherever life takes you. Crafted with a unique formula, Frigo Mint harnesses compounds to neutralize acidity in your mouth, offering a shield against cavities. Frigo Mint Company invites strategic investors to explore a transformative journey in oral health. Discover our product and investment opportunities at https://frigomint.com/.

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