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Consciousness is a topic that fascinates many people, but its true meaning and potential remains largely unknown. The Source Incarnate presents experts from various fields exploring the topic in depth to help you better understand your own existence on this planet. Learn about the power of consciousness and how it relates to spirituality with The Source Incarnate YouTube channel! The channel features lectures and interviews with leading experts like Dr. David R. Hawkins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Terence McKenna and more!

Those fascinated by these teaching can subscribe to The Source Incarnate YouTube channel by visiting https://www.youtube.com/TheSourceIncarnate. There you’ll find an evergreen library of consciousness expanding content you could binge on!

Dr. Hawkins is a world renowned neuropsychiatrist & lecturer who has authored books on self-development topics such as spirituality, meditation and personal growth; the videos shared on the channel from Hawkins’ teachings are some of the most highly requested and viewed from the channel and could be found here & here.

Dr. Dispenza is a neuroscientist & expert in quantum physics who has also published books on the topics of science and spirituality; the videos regarding his insights can also be found here, with the Quantum Breathing Technique For Pineal Activation being among the most fascinating.

Terence McKenna explored psychedelics, shamanism, metaphysics and other related subjects to form his own unique views of the world; and the best insights of all of these brilliant teachers, along with many more, are featured on The Source Incarnate YouTube channel.

Carlos Alfonso Gonzalez, Owner & Founder of The Source Incarnate said: “This channel is meant to be a love letter to humanity and all conscious beings who serve the One Infinite Creator that lives within everyone & emanates from all things..”

He goes on to say: “The intention is to help people remember the best aspects of themselves & develop a greater connection to that which connects us all and makes us all One… Gloria In Excelsis Deo!”

Consciousness, spirituality and quantum physics are the three core elements of The Source Incarnate YouTube channel. Consciousness is explored through both timeless wisdom and cutting-edge science in hopes to inspire people to learn about themselves and expand their minds along with their hearts.

The Source Incarnate YouTube Channel features influencers like the ones mentioned above, among others, who offer commentary on what it means to be human as well as how consciousness fits into that equation. Anyone looking for something new or want to expand their mind learning concepts rarely discussed today like spirituality, consciousness, science and more can subscribe now by visiting the channel here!

Alternatively, they are welcome to read more on the company website at https://www.TheSourceIncarnate.com

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