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A few days ago, a digital asset intelligent trading platform called Ukey was launched and quickly attracted investors’ attention and favor. In just a few months, the platform’s current daily trading flow has reached nearly trillion, in the industry can also be regarded as a new force, its driving market strength is surprising.

In today’s era, the block chain economy represented by digital currency is the trend of the future, and the new financial economy represented by block chain economy has become a hot choice for the investment elite. The resulting digital asset options trading is one of the “incense sticks “, including Wall Street famous investment bank Goldman Sachs, the world’s well-known institutions are also optimistic and actively layout the digital asset options trading market.

As one of the financial derivatives of digital assets, digital asset option trading has great investment advantage and high return rate. This is one of the reasons why various digital asset trading platforms have emerged in recent years. Because of the large number of platforms, it is not easy to stand out, there must be other people do not have the core competitiveness.

UKey digital asset trading platform just has this characteristic. It is reported that the Ukey digital asset intelligent trading platform was completed as early as 2018, different from the ordinary trading platform simple dealmaking mode, mainly committed to explore various new diversified trading models. After long-term experience accumulation, the digital money market has carried out contract trading, option trading, quantitative custody and other multi-plate business, can create a better trading experience for investors, to obtain more income.

By 2020, Ukey digital asset options trading is officially online. In nearly trillions of trading flows a day, it can always use mature technology to create a good trading environment for platform members. Synchronous output market excellent trading strategy, and global quality traders, to provide members with various trading models reference.

In the field of digital asset trading, all kinds of asset trading derivatives emerge in endlessly, digital currency option trading is one of them. Options, as an important part of financial derivatives, are very popular in traditional financial markets. Some characteristics of options, especially in time, can make up for the shortcomings of futures products. Can also play a very good hedging role. Therefore, digital asset options on the line is favored by the market, the current digital asset options trading market still has a huge room for development.

It is worth mentioning that although there are many digital asset exchanges online options products, only Ukey digital asset trading platform can start from the user experience, based on solid technical strength, high-quality trading team to do the root. In the huge transaction flow of digital assets, a two-line operation, pool management and single system are established.

On the other hand, Ukey digital asset trading platform is developed and built by Yokey Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The technology company, founded in Colorado in August 2017, led by smart trading strategy research and development, joined global block chain enthusiasts and block chain technology geeks to form a currency rights laboratory. The core team members are Lehman, as well as the National University of Singapore Ph. D. and Stanford Block chain Laboratory and other industry leaders. Since its inception, the company has been committed to intelligent reform in the trading field, focusing on the development of digital currency options applications, and holding MSB licences issued by the United States F I N CE N, officially entering the block chain in early 2018.

Ukey digital asset trading platform is the first intelligent digital currency option trading platform based on Ethernet public chain, which has been built in the world for two years. All the data and algorithms are on the bottom public chain of ETH. The follow-up will gradually open sustainable contracts and quantitative hosting and other new functional sections to bring users more wealth experience. For a large number of digital asset holders around the world, block chain enthusiasts, and followers of emerging economic markets, this is undoubtedly a great boon, perhaps a golden key to helping people open the door to future wealth.

At present, Ukey digital asset trading platform is open to welcome guests from all sides. Interested investors may wish to go to the platform to register experience, experienced traders can also actively sign up, participate in the platform organized by the team of traders evaluation, I believe, will be a new digital assets intelligent trading experience journey.

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