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Hesper is a real-time knowledge sharing platform which is expected to be the next unicorn of information technology to be valued at $10 billion this year. It provides people with efficient learning solutions, helps sharers improve the efficiency of making money, and promotes the transparent, fair and efficient value circulation of knowledge sharing. As a renowned entrepreneur, President Gu is the founder of Hesper

We aim to create a platform for sharing knowledge as President Gu said. We will change the current teaching mode and build a new ecosystem to serve every knowledge sharer and learner. Our mission is knowledge without border, because knowledge is power. We build a world of learning from each other, where we gather, link and inspire the talented creators, and use the power of the community to turn passion into infinite possibilities. We believe that only the form of sharing can create a new future.

At present, the development of online course is increasingly concerned all over the world, and information technology has been widely used in all aspects of life, boosting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Nowadays, information technology has gradually entered the field of education and is subverting the business model and even the value chain of this industry. In the future, online classes will also become the infrastructure that reshapes global knowledge sharing.

Perhaps the most incredible thing is that Hesper will change future learning from “spending money” to “making money”. Learners can not only obtain global high-quality teaching resources without high cost, but also receive token rewards through learning experience and methods shared by learners, referring to friends and so on, thus creating huge economic benefits.

There is still a lot of room to improve the authenticity, accuracy and richness of online classes. For example, distance learning may be more authoritative and referential. Furthermore, it still has many loopholes and misleading. If we build a more comprehensive and accurate knowledge sharing platform, it can bring real knowledge contribution to people throughout the world, and ultimately promote the development of people. Hesper’s technology and token incentive system is just like this. In the end, it has great opportunity to bring a new encyclopedia.

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